Tara Arbez B.P.E., C.A.T.(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist

“I became an Athletic Therapist as a way to combine my love of physical activity and passion to help people. It began with learning to tape ankles in my high school Student Athletic Trainers Program and progressed to a nearly 20 year career treating musculoskeletal injuries for people of all ages and activity levels. The human body is meant to be active. I want to safely and effectively treat your injuries and teach you how to get back (or begin) a healthy active lifestyle. Whether that is your sport, work, or simply having the energy to play with your kids, let me help you get back to your physical activities even better than you were with compassion, knowledge, health and, of course, fun!”

Tara Arbez graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Studies honoring in Athletic Therapy. In 1999, she became a Certified Athletic Therapist. Tara has worked as an Athletic Therapist at the University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Clinic and as a lab instructor at the University of Manitoba Athletic Therapy Program. From there she went on to manage and work in the Rehabilitation Department of the Sport Physiotherapy Centre at the Pan Am Clinic.  Most recently Tara has been working as an Athletic Therapist, treating long-term disability and return-to-work patients at Lifemark Therapy Centre in Winnipeg.


Working in a multidisciplinary environment for the majority of her career has allowed Tara the ability to work in conjunction with a variety of practitioners of different disciplines.  These experiences will serve her well at Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy as she works toward a common goal, helping patients heal faster and feel better.   


Tara holds a variety of certificates and training including; strength and conditioning, functional movement screens and therapeutic exercise, soft tissue release, functional capacity evaluations and occupational rehabilitation. Tara is continually looking to further her continuing education opportunities and grow as a practitioner.


Tara has always focused her treatments on safe and effective return-to-work and to-play with a goal of getting patients back better than what they were pre-injury.  Her patient care focuses on giving individuals with musculoskeletal injuries hands-on care, education and exercise instruction. Not just for athletes, Tara treats anyone with musculoskeletal injuries whether they are acute or chronic in nature.  Giving each patient the tools to lead a healthy active lifestyle is also a very important part of her treatment plans.


When not at work Tara spends her free time with her husband, four daughters and friends. She also enjoys walking and volunteering with the Manitoba Families of Multiples.



Canadian Athletic Therapists Association

Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association